Selling my gun. Communication on line and on phone was great. I was nervous about just shipping a valuable gun to someone I had never done business with. They proved my fears unfounded. When received they offered me a very fair price, $70 more than I could get locally. Check was received as fast as USPS is expected to deliver. Am sure I will deal with them again

Isaac S

My first time buying a firearm online. Everything went very smooth, took 4 days. The only complaint I have is there is a few nicks on the wood furniture of the gun (gun was advertised as new) and I had to touch it up with stain pen. Not to sound to picky. but there should not have been a scratch on it. The gun cost well over MSRP. My overall experience was good, very simple

Shotgun J

I would like to tell you Thank you very much for your service and Thank you for having what my mother wanted she really loved it👍🏾🙂

Cassandra B

I had 2 orders canceled because this site has no idea what’s in stock and what’s not. I actually called customer service to ask if a product I purchased was in stock and I was told it was by an agent only to have my order canceled because it wasn’t in stock. Pretty bad when you can’t trust an employee giving you accurate information. Never again. Be careful ordering from here because it’s a gamble if your purchase will be fulfilled

“Went there to use the range. The guys were eager to help and really nice. The late hours are great for people who finish work when other gun shops are closing. Don’t be afraid if you’re new. Go here.”
– Jesse Bair

“The staff here is amazing. Super friendly and super helpful. The instructor, John, was very detailed and patient – couldn’t have asked for someone better! I will definitely be returning. The prices were good too!”

Selena Antelo

“Love these guys, Larry and crew are great. I bought my first firearm from them at 21 and was treated like family. 15 years later they are still my go-to gun shop in the city!”

Rhamine Parker

“I’ve known the owner and people who work there for many years. I’ve watched them work with seasoned customers as well as new ones, both during purchases and also while they work with new and old shooters. Their ability to get so many customers through with a purchase or set up out on the range, safety, quickly and professionally speaks volumes about their knowledge of the business they’re in.

Mike Vitale