Federal Premium FireStick Muzzleloading Charge Hodgdon Triple Eight Black Powder Substitute


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Availability: In Stock

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Product Description

Federal Premium FireStick is the critical component of a whole new ignition system that uses an encapsulated propellant charge that loads from the breech, with the bullet loaded from the muzzle. The charge is completely impervious to moisture and loaded with clean-burning Hodgdon Triple Eight powder to the same tight tolerances as Federal Premium factory ammunition, ensuring shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy muzzleloaders have never experienced. FireStick unloads quickly, simply and safely by slipping out of the action—there’s no need to fire the rifle. It’s the perfect match for Federal Premium Trophy Copper or Lead Tipped muzzleloader bullets and is compatible with the new NitroFire rifle from Traditions. As long as there have been muzzleloading firearms, their shooters have been burdened by reliability, consistency and safety concerns. It ends now.

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